February Trial

Feel free to read the “About Me” section at the top of the site to find out the reason I started the blog!

In case you’re not feeling up to reading that though, to sum up my blog it’s basically where each month I choose a different healthy lifestyle and then see what effects it has on me. My main goal is to find a dietthat helps me sleep through the night (and not wake up a million and one times) and gives me the energy that I need to get me through the day.

So…what is my February trial? I’m going vegan! I’ll be the first one to tell you that I NEVER thought I would say that sentence in my life. But, this blog is all about trying out different things and February is the shortest month so I thought I would just get this one out of the way first 😉 Who knows, maybe I’ll find out that being a vegan is what my body wants and then I can just change the title of my blog to The Vegan Trials!

I have a pretty busy schedule in my life so I’ll be honest in that I won’t be posting every day on here. My goal is to do a post at the end of every week to give an update on how I’m feeling and what I’ve noticed, and then hopefully another post sometime during the week. If I have time though, I will try to post even more than that!

I’ll be back to write another post today or tomorrow on what my grocery list is for the week.




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