Day 1- What I Ate

First day of being vegan is officially done. I figured I would show what I ate today (and prepped for the week)!



Oatmeal with apples & almond milk on top.



(Left) Quinoa with green pepper, tomato, corn, black beans, and seasoning. (Right) Chickpeas with seasoning cooked in the oven.

I originally made those roasted chickpeas for a snack to eat during the superbowl but I quickly realized that I couldn’t pretend to love them haha I ended up throwing them in with the quinoa for a nice crunch and it was great!



Vegetarian Chili. I would categorize this chili as a fail though as it basically made a soup. Tasted fine but when I was imagining something else, I couldn’t help but be disappointed. I ended up throwing a little bit of quinoa in it which absorbed some of the liquid.

Not pictured: Banana with peanut butter and an apple that I ate while watching the game.

Was today easy transitioning into this diet? Yes EXCEPT for my coffee addiction…who knew creamer in my coffee was so important to me? I think I complained about not being able to have it about a hundred times throughout the day. I tried putting almond milk in my coffee and for some reason it tasted gross to me so I ended up just having tea. Other than that though, day one went fabulous and on to day two!


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