Mid-Week Update

So far…so good! Honestly, changing my diet over to being vegan friendly hasn’t been that difficult. (Except for the coffee creamer issue that I mentioned in my Day 1 post). I bought soy coffee creamer which isn’t amazing in taste, but it’s about a thousand times tastier than almond milk.

I’ve been eating a lot of the quinoa & vegan chili I made on Sunday. Yesterday though I switched it up and made spaghetti squash for dinner which I also love. I tried out these peanut butter protein balls too and I’m already hooked. I’m excited to make next week’s batch and add some other ingredients into it! I had one last night as dessert with coffee while watching Lord of the Rings and it hit the spot.

For breakfast this morning I tried avocado on toast. In college I used to have this a lot with an egg on top but just avocado is amazing too! I also had a peanut butter protein ball too 🙂

Overall, it’s been pretty easy for me but as with most people, I’m sure the weekend will be more challenging!


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