Week One Recap

And just like that, I’ve already been vegan for one week! I’ll admit, changing over to a vegan diet was a lot easier than I thought it would be. It helped that I prepped some of those foods last Sunday (like the chili and quinoa) so that I could just grab those things for lunch or dinner and not have to think about it.

This weekend I went out of town to visit a friend which I knew would be a true test of my new diet change since we would be going out to eat. The restaurant we went to for dinner on Saturday night was limited on vegan-friendly options so I ordered the roasted cauliflower which was AMAZING. I was so surprised with how delicious it was! Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture because we were basically eating in the dark in the restaurant with their dim lighting.

This morning for breakfast we went to a local diner and I got coffee, oatmeal, and hashbrowns.


I ended up skipping lunch because I wasn’t too hungry. For dinner I got a “Key West Salad” but I had to not have the dressing since there was milk in it so I got balsamic instead. Excellent salad too!

photo(13) - Copy

Week one went great and I’m proud of myself for not ruining it over the weekend. I need to go ahead and prep some things for this week so I’m off to do that! Have a great week!


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