The Week of Quinoa

Second week of being vegan is finished. Just like last week, it wasn’t difficult but I did get sick of the food I ate because I made the world’s largest quantity of quinoa (that wasn’t that great) and then forced to just eat that over and over again haha

Here is the batch of quinoa I made:


I threw in some black beans, peas, red peppers, mushroom and corn.

Now for the different ways I ate it during the week.

1. By itself (I also tried putting vegan chicken in it but it was disgusting so I didn’t eat it. Topped it with avocado and hot sauce)


2. Over a salad. I use olive oil/red wine vinegar as a dressing on top.


3. On pasta with sauce.


If I hadn’t ran out of wraps, I would have made some sort of burrito with it as well but alas I didn’t have any.

ANYWAYS, enough about the quinoa. Other things I ate included vegan waffles (didn’t have syrup though), vegan chili (Amy’s brand- pretty good), and a couple of salads that I picked up. I once again made those peanut butter protein balls but added cranberries and vegan dark chocolate pieces which made them even better.

This week my goal is to up my protein because I got a charley horse for the first time in over a year this week. 2 more weeks to go!


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