Week 3 of being vegan-recap

I unfortunately didn’t get any pictures this week…though it is probably a good thing because I didn’t eat as healthy as I wanted to.

My vegan eats this week included:

vegan waffles with sugar free syrup, chili, salads, veggies & hummus, protein smoothies, and wraps. THEN on Saturday night I decided to order a vegan pizza from papa john’s (aka just skip the cheese) and was very disappointed 😦 I think next time I would just go to the store and buy a frozen vegan pizza that actually has the cheese on it.

As with the past few weeks, it’s not that hard to eat vegan- just annoying at times if you go out to eat and you have a limited selection. I have continued to notice that I don’t get that afternoon slump anymore where I struggle to stay awake at work so that has probably been the most positive change I’ve noticed from switching up my diet this month.

At the end of this week, I’ll post if I lost any weight or inches from this diet change. For March, I’m deciding between being pescetarian (only allowing fish-no other meat) or counting macros. I’m also open to suggestions if anybody has any recommendations!

P.S. still VERY much miss my coffee creamer


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