First day of counting macros


^^^This is what I look like trying to figure out my macros for the day.

Let me just start out with saying that I failed yesterday. I actually did do really well all day but then at work last night (I work at Starbucks in the evening) I had a cookie. OH WELL. That’s life. I’ll just count that as a transition day.

For today though, I have everything planned out and I won’t be caving in to a cookie at work tonight. I barely go over fat for the day (just by 1g) and then I’m a little below on my protein/carbs but if I don’t get out of work early, I won’t be able to workout so I’m not to worried about it. If I do workout, I’ll drink a protein shake to up my carbs/protein.

Counting macros takes a lot of time and having to figure out the right combination of foods to hit your numbers is a little difficult. I’m counting on the fact that there is a learning curve and hopefully as this month goes on I’ll get faster and better at it.


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