Macro Counting Update

photo (2)

^^ I’ve been eating a lot of protein waffles recently and I’m obsessed. I use 2 servings of Kodiak Protein Pancake Mix (76 g) and either 20g or 40 g of protein powder depending on my macros for the day. Mix with water, top with sprinkles and sugar-free syrup and you’re ready to go!

I think my favorite thing about counting macros is that you can actually fit in foods that on other diets would be restricted. For instance, last Thursday I had a decent amount of fat/carbs leftover so I was able to get a chocolate cookie and a skinny caramel macchiato at work:


For me, what works best is entering everything into MyFitnessPal the night before so that I have time to make adjustments. Then, I just follow that meal plan for the day! Super easy and I really do enjoy counting macros, it’s almost like solving a brainteaser or a puzzle every night to hit your perfect numbers.

On nights when I don’t have a ton of macros leftover but I’m still craving something sweet, I’ve been turning to Arctic Ice:

photo (1)

The macros on it are amazing! I usually spread out the pint between two nights. Usually.

Last update would be that for me, if you’ve been following my other trial, you know that I’m obsessed with coffee creamer. Therefore it’s been SUPER important that I absolutely measure that out every morning. I let myself have 2 tablespoons which is 3 g of fat and 10 g of carb and that’s all I can let myself have.

~Down 2 pounds this month from macro counting which gives me a grand total of 6 pounds lost since starting the health trials at the beginning of February!


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