April Macros

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t feel like I’ve been quite as strict on my macros this month which is a shame. My birthday was the 9th so for a few days I just didn’t track at all/definitely had two donuts for breakfast on my birthday.

Yesterday I recommitted to macros though so I’m back on track! My main issue that I have to be very aware of is that working at Starbucks, it’s easy to take a bite of a pastry (free food markouts each shift) or have a little bit of frappuccino. I promised myself yesterday though that I would stop, and so last night at work I brought a QuestBar (Smores is da bomb) and that’s what I ate on break!

I am going to ~try~ to do a WIAT post on Thursday for what I eat tomorrow but we shall see if that actually happens! haha


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