About Me

Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Rachel and I’m 24 years old. To get straight to the point, what is The Health Trials about? It’s about trying out different healthy lifestyles until I find one that’s best suited for me!

I’ve tried various diets for years to lose weight but as I get older, I want to focus on being healthy and not just a certain number I have picked out in my mind. Personally, I have problems with sleeping (waking up a lot at night for long periods of time), lack of energy throughout the day, and not having a whole lot of motivation to be active. I’ve noticed that when I stick to a healthy diet with lots of fresh foods I do tend to notice positive effects, as I’m sure most people do. I’m interested however to see what restricting certain foods groups, like dairy or meat, have on me. Which brings me to the point of this blog as I cited above…to try out different lifestyles! One month I may focus on eating a vegan diet, another month gluten-free, and so on. If I ever feel like I am having negative effects, I will stop what I’m doing and switch some things up!

Overall, I’m just interested in documenting my journey šŸ™‚


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