Current Trial

May- South Beach Diet

I am wanting to at least complete the first phase, and then I’ll decide after that what I’m doing for the rest of the month! I will officially start phase one on May 3rd (I just work better when starting on Sundays haha)

April- Counting Macros again (with more focus on hitting my exact numbers)

I’ve also slightly readjusted my macro count so I’ve been doing 167 g carbs, 80 g protein, 37 g fat.

March- Counting Macros

After going to and using their calculator, it determined that I should be eating 194.1 g carbs, 73.8 g protein, 36.9 g fat. After one week if I feel like I need to make any adjustments I will. Excited to try out the flexible dieting approach!

February- Vegan

While I don’t consume an outrageous amount of meat, I think my main hardship will be giving up dairy. Not only do I work at Starbucks where I love to make lattes, but I have at least one serving of cheese a day. What changes will I be making then? I’ve tried vegan cheese before and I’m not a fan so I’ll just be giving cheese up for the month. For my coffee addiction, I’ll use soy milk or almond milk instead. I’ll use veggie burgers when I’m craving “meat” and I’ll get my other protein from beans, quinoa, etc.

Have a recommendation for me or something you think I should try for the month? Leave me a comment!


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