Vegan Month is over!

Officially done with trial 1! While it was a good experience and I enjoyed the diet change I definitely don’t think I’m one who is meant to be vegan. I noticed that as the month went on I got less healthier with my choices because I’m fairly busy so I was continuing to get lazier. For instance, this past week I ate a lot ( and I mean A LOT) of bananas with peanut butter. Oops. Enjoyed every bite though haha Last week I also got chips and guacamole twice.

Here are my lists of pros and cons of being vegan-

Pros: ate way less processed food, tried some different recipes, ate more vegetables and fruit

Cons: if I didn’t have time to cook I grabbed unhealthy items, my food choices were repetitive (this is more my fault than anything), I learned fairly quickly that a lot of products have milk derivatives in it which was annoying

Now, to address my sleeping. As you know, I set out on this whole trial experience to figure out what would help me actually stay asleep at night and feel more rested during the day. Did being vegan help this? I did actually notice a difference. I more often slept through the night AND that afternoon slump that I was used to getting everyday I wasn’t getting which was AMAZING. Part of me thinks this has to do with just eating less processed food but it might have been because I cut out dairy and meat. Time will tell!

Measurements: I lost a half inch on my hips, inch on my waist, and half inch on my thigh! Wish I would have had more time to work out this month so that the difference could have been greater. Lost about 4.5 pounds as well.

So….what is my March trial? I’m counting Macros! #MacroMarch (so creative, I know). For those that don’t know what counting macros means, it means you track how many grams of protein, carbs, and fat you eat daily. If you go to, you can use their calculator to figure out how many grams of each you should be eating to fit your diet/goals. I’m VERY excited for this flexible dieting approach.

P.S. First thing I did this morning was run (literally) down the stairs and make my coffee with dairy creamer. OH HOW I’VE MISSED YOU ❤


Week 3 of being vegan-recap

I unfortunately didn’t get any pictures this week…though it is probably a good thing because I didn’t eat as healthy as I wanted to.

My vegan eats this week included:

vegan waffles with sugar free syrup, chili, salads, veggies & hummus, protein smoothies, and wraps. THEN on Saturday night I decided to order a vegan pizza from papa john’s (aka just skip the cheese) and was very disappointed 😦 I think next time I would just go to the store and buy a frozen vegan pizza that actually has the cheese on it.

As with the past few weeks, it’s not that hard to eat vegan- just annoying at times if you go out to eat and you have a limited selection. I have continued to notice that I don’t get that afternoon slump anymore where I struggle to stay awake at work so that has probably been the most positive change I’ve noticed from switching up my diet this month.

At the end of this week, I’ll post if I lost any weight or inches from this diet change. For March, I’m deciding between being pescetarian (only allowing fish-no other meat) or counting macros. I’m also open to suggestions if anybody has any recommendations!

P.S. still VERY much miss my coffee creamer

The Week of Quinoa

Second week of being vegan is finished. Just like last week, it wasn’t difficult but I did get sick of the food I ate because I made the world’s largest quantity of quinoa (that wasn’t that great) and then forced to just eat that over and over again haha

Here is the batch of quinoa I made:


I threw in some black beans, peas, red peppers, mushroom and corn.

Now for the different ways I ate it during the week.

1. By itself (I also tried putting vegan chicken in it but it was disgusting so I didn’t eat it. Topped it with avocado and hot sauce)


2. Over a salad. I use olive oil/red wine vinegar as a dressing on top.


3. On pasta with sauce.


If I hadn’t ran out of wraps, I would have made some sort of burrito with it as well but alas I didn’t have any.

ANYWAYS, enough about the quinoa. Other things I ate included vegan waffles (didn’t have syrup though), vegan chili (Amy’s brand- pretty good), and a couple of salads that I picked up. I once again made those peanut butter protein balls but added cranberries and vegan dark chocolate pieces which made them even better.

This week my goal is to up my protein because I got a charley horse for the first time in over a year this week. 2 more weeks to go!

Week One Recap

And just like that, I’ve already been vegan for one week! I’ll admit, changing over to a vegan diet was a lot easier than I thought it would be. It helped that I prepped some of those foods last Sunday (like the chili and quinoa) so that I could just grab those things for lunch or dinner and not have to think about it.

This weekend I went out of town to visit a friend which I knew would be a true test of my new diet change since we would be going out to eat. The restaurant we went to for dinner on Saturday night was limited on vegan-friendly options so I ordered the roasted cauliflower which was AMAZING. I was so surprised with how delicious it was! Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture because we were basically eating in the dark in the restaurant with their dim lighting.

This morning for breakfast we went to a local diner and I got coffee, oatmeal, and hashbrowns.


I ended up skipping lunch because I wasn’t too hungry. For dinner I got a “Key West Salad” but I had to not have the dressing since there was milk in it so I got balsamic instead. Excellent salad too!

photo(13) - Copy

Week one went great and I’m proud of myself for not ruining it over the weekend. I need to go ahead and prep some things for this week so I’m off to do that! Have a great week!

Mid-Week Update

So far…so good! Honestly, changing my diet over to being vegan friendly hasn’t been that difficult. (Except for the coffee creamer issue that I mentioned in my Day 1 post). I bought soy coffee creamer which isn’t amazing in taste, but it’s about a thousand times tastier than almond milk.

I’ve been eating a lot of the quinoa & vegan chili I made on Sunday. Yesterday though I switched it up and made spaghetti squash for dinner which I also love. I tried out these peanut butter protein balls too and I’m already hooked. I’m excited to make next week’s batch and add some other ingredients into it! I had one last night as dessert with coffee while watching Lord of the Rings and it hit the spot.

For breakfast this morning I tried avocado on toast. In college I used to have this a lot with an egg on top but just avocado is amazing too! I also had a peanut butter protein ball too 🙂

Overall, it’s been pretty easy for me but as with most people, I’m sure the weekend will be more challenging!

Day 1- What I Ate

First day of being vegan is officially done. I figured I would show what I ate today (and prepped for the week)!



Oatmeal with apples & almond milk on top.



(Left) Quinoa with green pepper, tomato, corn, black beans, and seasoning. (Right) Chickpeas with seasoning cooked in the oven.

I originally made those roasted chickpeas for a snack to eat during the superbowl but I quickly realized that I couldn’t pretend to love them haha I ended up throwing them in with the quinoa for a nice crunch and it was great!



Vegetarian Chili. I would categorize this chili as a fail though as it basically made a soup. Tasted fine but when I was imagining something else, I couldn’t help but be disappointed. I ended up throwing a little bit of quinoa in it which absorbed some of the liquid.

Not pictured: Banana with peanut butter and an apple that I ate while watching the game.

Was today easy transitioning into this diet? Yes EXCEPT for my coffee addiction…who knew creamer in my coffee was so important to me? I think I complained about not being able to have it about a hundred times throughout the day. I tried putting almond milk in my coffee and for some reason it tasted gross to me so I ended up just having tea. Other than that though, day one went fabulous and on to day two!

Getting Ready


Went and picked up those above items to get ready for the next week! Luckily I already had some food here at my house so I didn’t have to get a ton more items. The only thing that changed off my list was that when I read the ingredient list of the veggie burgers, it had egg whites in them so I ended up getting vegan chicken strips instead. I also found a recipe for Vegetarian chili so I’m going to make that tomorrow to have for a couple nights worth of dinner.

Later tonight I’m going to take measurements and weigh myself just so I can document if I lost any inches/pounds!