Desk Eats

I have a couple different jobs, one being where I sit at a desk for 8 hours a day. I tend to use food to break up the day (sorta sad, sorta great) so I snack on various things throughout the work day! They vary from day to day depending on what sounds good/ fits my macros but here is an example of what I eat while at my desk during a day 🙂

photo 1

First up is some oatmeal. Recently I’ve been having a tough time getting up early enough in the mornings so that I can cook my egg whites and turkey bacon. When that happens I grab one of these oatmeals (that conveniently have their own cup) and eat it at my desk as soon as I get to work. Macros are: 33 carb, 2 fat, 4 protein. A bit higher on carbs than I would normally like but definitely keeps me full.

photo 3

Second is coffee. (What an artistic photo of my to-go mug). I always make a cup before I leave in the morning and then sip on it throughout the first couple hours of work. Sometimes I’ll grab another cup in the afternoon but a lot of times I have a cup of tea instead.

photo 2

Quest products are ~amazing~. This is what I had today around 10. I usually bring one snack with me to have at either 10 am or 2 pm, and today I obviously couldn’t wait til the afternoon. Cookie dough is one of my top three. The other two flavors would probably be smore’s and chocolate brownie. (Let’s talk about how they just released mint chocolate chunk because I NEED TO HAVE IT). Macros: 21 carb, 8 fat, 21 protein

Other typical snacks for me would be almonds, a banana, “skinny” popcorn, or quest chips. Some days I’ll bring a diet coke and I have that at 11am (I will not let myself have it even a minute early). I made a deal with my sister to give up pop for the summer so starting on May 1st I’ll have to figure out a new 11 am drink 🙂

Your Turn:

– What are you favorite snacks to eat at work?


March Macro Summary

My march trial was counting macros and I absolutely LOVED it! So much so, that I’ll be doing it for April (if not longer). I even invested in a better digital scale yesterday so you know it’s getting real for me. Even if in May I decide to try a different diet approach, I think I’ll still incorporate counting macros into it.

I lost about 2 pounds this month but the first two weeks of the month I took the entire weekend off counting macros so reaaaaally, it’s been about 2 pounds in the last two weeks 🙂

My favorite part of this is how you can fit in treats that other diets would restrict you on and not feel guilty! For me, I fit in plenty of Reeses Oreos and on several occasions an Arctic Ice (obsessed).

I think for April since I’m doing Macros again, I’ll focus more on doing “What I Ate In a Day” type of posts. I’ll start next Monday!

(also I am .3 pounds away from my first goal weight in my fit journey and then I can buy new tennis shoes!)

Macro Counting Update

photo (2)

^^ I’ve been eating a lot of protein waffles recently and I’m obsessed. I use 2 servings of Kodiak Protein Pancake Mix (76 g) and either 20g or 40 g of protein powder depending on my macros for the day. Mix with water, top with sprinkles and sugar-free syrup and you’re ready to go!

I think my favorite thing about counting macros is that you can actually fit in foods that on other diets would be restricted. For instance, last Thursday I had a decent amount of fat/carbs leftover so I was able to get a chocolate cookie and a skinny caramel macchiato at work:


For me, what works best is entering everything into MyFitnessPal the night before so that I have time to make adjustments. Then, I just follow that meal plan for the day! Super easy and I really do enjoy counting macros, it’s almost like solving a brainteaser or a puzzle every night to hit your perfect numbers.

On nights when I don’t have a ton of macros leftover but I’m still craving something sweet, I’ve been turning to Arctic Ice:

photo (1)

The macros on it are amazing! I usually spread out the pint between two nights. Usually.

Last update would be that for me, if you’ve been following my other trial, you know that I’m obsessed with coffee creamer. Therefore it’s been SUPER important that I absolutely measure that out every morning. I let myself have 2 tablespoons which is 3 g of fat and 10 g of carb and that’s all I can let myself have.

~Down 2 pounds this month from macro counting which gives me a grand total of 6 pounds lost since starting the health trials at the beginning of February!